Rhys Chatham Autumn 2020 news

We started the season off with the presentation of a dance theater piece by Pascal Gravat.  I worked on the music all summer and we put the finishing touches on the piece at Théâtre Galpon in Geneva, rehearsing every day there the first two weeks of September.

The performances were on 15-20 September, which we were able to do despite Covid-19 by practicing strict social distancing and everybody wearing masks.

I was lucky, I arrived in Geneva from Pars just before the quarantine on people living in France, so I didn’t have to isolate during the rehearsals, although I wear a mask.

Here was the lineup:

Chorégraphie Pascal Gravat
Danse Pascal Merighi
Musique Rhys Chatham
Lumière Loïc Rivoalan
Collaboration à la chorégraphie Mélissa Cascarino
Costumes Toni Teixeira
Administration Anaïde Ohannessian
Image Pascal Gravat

Here is a link to a film excerpt of the piece:

And here are some photos:


Other news:

I am back in Paris, where we are largely in quarantine.  I recently did some music for a sound sculpture by the visual artist Angie Eng, which is now finished. All my tours and concerts have been canceled, so I am actively looking for work.

If you have a project that needs music, this would be a good time to ask me. For enquiries, contact me at rhyschathamnews@gmail.com