2014 performances:

Oct 23rd
Rhys Chatham Solo
Elevate Festival Tunnel
Graz, Austria
Rhys plays a solo as part of the Elevate Festival on 23 October 2014.  Noveller will be on the same bill.  Rhys will play a set starting on Bb trumpet, followed by electric guitar tuned in just intonation, and finishing with C, alto and bass flutes.

Oct 21st
Child Abuse/Vaz/Rhys Chatham
Instants Chavires
Montreuil, France
Rhys Chatham is opening for two bands from Brooklyn: Vaz and Child Abuse.  Doors open at 8pm and the concert starts with Rhys playing solo on Bb trumpet, electric guitar, and C, alto and bass flutes.

Oct 5th
Charlemagne Palestine Rhys Chatham duo
Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art
Aalst, Belgium
The composer, performer and visual artist, Charlemagne Palestine, is a unique and extravagant voice in the music landscape. Though hailing from New York, he has lived and worked for many years in Brussels. Many know him through his ever-stunning Strumming Music and epic organ pieces. Also from New York, Rhys Chatham, helped to define the rock-DNA in Lower Manhattan in the 70’s. Besides his work as a composer, trumpeter and guitarist, he is now best known for his 100-strong Guitar Orchestra. Palestine and Chatham met in New York in the late 60’s and two years ago they decided, after a 30-year hiatus, to work together again. The results of this collaboration will soon be released as a new CD on the Belgian label Sub Rosa. You should expect a very intense performance with strumming-style piano and stubborn voice experiments, in a meditative dialogue with guitar, trumpet and flute. A unique opportunity to see two giants in contemporary composition on stage together.
Sep 19th G3Phono Festival in Bergen, Norway Phonofestivalen Bergen, Norway RHYS CHATHAM (US) + MEGAPHONIC THRIFT + LINT + RADIO9Contact festival for exact concert time.Musicians: Rhys ChathamRichard Myklebust (The Megaphonic Thrift)Njål Clementsen (The Megaphonic Thrift)Linn Frøkedal (The Megaphonic Thrift)Fredrik Vogsborg (The Megaphonic Thrift)Eirik Marinius Sandvik (Lint)Leon Muraglia (Radio 9)Marte Elen Olsen (Radio 9)

Jun 21st
Rhys Chatham Solo/Blaise Harrison documentary
Cinéma Les 3 Luxembourg
Paris, France
Solo performance by Rhys Chatham of Le Crépuscule du soir for alto and C flute, followed by piece for justly tuned electric guitar and Bb trumpet.  Afterwards, there will be a showing of a film by Blaise Harrison entitled L’Harmonie.

Jun 7th
Rhys Chatham’s A Secret Rose for 100 Guitars
Frontiers Festival Town Hall
Birmingham, United Kingdom
A Secret Rose for 100 electric guitars, el. bass and drums will have its UK premier in Birmingham, UK as part of the Frontiers Music Festival on June 7, 2014.  The performance will take place at the Birmingham Town Hall at 7pm.

May 10th
Rhys Chatham – The Sacrebleu – G3 concert
AngelicA Festival
Teatro San Leonardo
Bologna, Italy
Le possédé (2014); for trumpet, alto and bass flute, electric guitar, electronics.
The Sacrebleu (2014); for trumpet, flute, electric guitar, electric bass, electronics, drums.
Guitar Trio (1977); for multiple electric guitars, electric bass and drums,                 A version for 6 electric guitars, electric bass, drums; with Pictures for Music (1979) by Robert Longo .  Rhys Chatham trumpet, C, alto, bass  flute, electric guitar, electronics, direction; Francis Pierot   electric bass, electronic, Fabien Tharaud drums; Walter Zanetti electric guitar (Professor Conservatory “GB Martini” in Bologna); Catherine Barbieri electric guitar (Music Conservatory “GB Martini” in Bologna); Nicoletta Todesco electric guitar (Music Conservatory “GB Martini” in Bologna);  Riccardo Almagro electric guitar (Music Conservatory “GB Martini” in Bologna),  David Soto Chero electric guitar (Music Conservatory “GB Martini” in Bologna)

Apr 16th
Rhys Chatham/Ben VidaSolo concerts
Le Bourg
Lausanne, Switzerland
Rhys Chatham plays a solo concert: trumpet, flute in C, alto flute, bass flute, electric guitar. Ben Vida opens with a concert of electronic music.

Mar 20th
Rhys Chatham and Charlemagne Palestine
William Balinski’s Arcadia
St. John at Hackney church London, United Kingdom
From March 2014, Basinski and Art Assembly will co-curate a series of Arcadia inspired music and live art events in London.
Charlemagne Palestine + Rhys Chatham – 20th March 2014Charlemagne Palestine is a minimalist composer, performer and visual artist from New York. He performs epic, ritualistic and intense extended duration pieces for organ. A native New Yorker now living in Paris, composer Rhys Chatham helped define New York’s downtown aesthetic in the ’70s. Palestine and Chatham first met in the late 60′s in New York. Ever respectful and admiring of each others work, this performance sees two giants in modern composition perform on stage together 30 years after their initial collaboration. Presented in conjunction with St John Sessions. William Basinski will perform at this event. Tickets £16

Mar 19th
Cafe Oto
London, United Kingdom
Composers William Basinski and Rhys Chatham in conversation as part of Arcadia – a series of music and live art events co-curated by William Basinski and Art Assembly in London.Door Times : 7pmTickets : £4 advance / £5 on the door.

Jan 23rd
G3 in Lyon
La Frange Occulte
Le Periscope
Lyon, France
G3+ SOLO SET ON 23 JANUARY 2014 IN LYON, FRANCE.posted on January 13th, 2014. La Frange Occulte will be presenting G3 by Rhys Chatham at Le Périscope in Lyon, France on Thursday 23 January 2014. Opening will be a set with Rhys on trumpet, flute and el. guitar with the drummer Lucien Chatin.Musicians: Philippe Badey (Guitare), Jean-Pierre Bouchard (Guitare), Rhys Chatham (Guitare), Jon Fayard  (Guitare), Thomas Giraud (Guitare), Xavier Lacombe (Guitare), Lagnax 2000 (Guitare), Guillaume Médioni (Guitare), ,Takeshi Yoshimura (Guitare), Carine Di Vita (Bass), Lucien Chatin (Batterie).