Rhys Chatham – Summer News

Here is where I was on the first day of summer last year, or maybe it was the year before.  Anyway, it was a performance of les 100 guitares in Le Havre, France.  Photo is by Anonia Enos.

For this year, we are, of course, just coming out of lockdown here in France.  I spent the spring working on a piece for choreographer Pascal Gravat, to be presented in Geneva this September.  Further details to be announced.

For other news, a piece I wrote back in 2016 has finally been released!  It is about 10-minutes and is called “For Bob”.  It is a piece written in memory of the composer Robert Ashley, who was a composer I looked up to while coming of age.

It’s finally out on vinyl as part of a double compilation album with various artists, the proceeds of which benefit the Alzheimer’s Association, you can give it a listen at the link below.

The limited vinyl edition is for USD$ 50 (or more), the CD version is $30, and the MP3 (and similar) version is $25.

Here is the link to order it:  The Longest Day Order link.

Aside from that, in related news, I’ve decided to get back to my roots in electronic music.  Back in the nineties, I did extensive programming in Max and performed widely at the time on trumpet and interactive electronics programmed in Max.  At the start of the mid-2000s I decided to get back into electric guitar and abandoned electronic music at that point… until now!

So this summer, I’ll be getting back into electronic music with a view to having a new live set ready to go for the autumn involving electronic sounds combined with the various live instruments that I play.

Watch these pages for updates!

For booking any of my projects, from les 100 guitares, to my various smaller ensembles, to my solo and duo projects, you can contact us at this address:


Or for Europe and France contact Pascal at Julie Tippex