Rhys Chatham Solo – 2023

Solo for electric guitar in just intonation, transversal alto and C flutes, pocket trumpet, voice, and electronics.

To book, contact: Pascal at Tippex Agency

Video Excerpt – concert chair de Poule – Paris 11 – 24 February 2023

Above is a five-minute video excerpt of the solo. It might take a moment for it to load, but it will eventually appear in your browser.

Full live set from 16 February 2023 (duration: 1 hour 8 seconds). The duration of the set can be adjusted to the format of the venue.

To listen to full live set, contact us for the private link: rhyschathamnews@yahoo.fr

00m00s – 12m 30s: Electric guitar, tuned in just intonation.
12m30s – 23m57s – Flute entrance – whistle tones, alto and C transversal flutes.
23m57s – 26m30s – Trumpet entrance (high buzzing sounds)
26m30s – 29m50s – High sines waves tuned in 8:9 ratio (Pythagorean major 2nd)
28m50s – 39m50s – 70s analog synth minimal madness
39m50s – 50m25s – LFO + Major 2nd sine waves -musique concrète
50m25s – 59m56s – Electric guitar, flutes, ambient sounds.

Tech Sheet: