Winter 2024

We had a great time last night at La Mécanique Ondulatoire. I did a solo followed by Abstract Concrete (with Charles Hayward and Agathe Max amoung others).

Here are some photos of the show taken by my friend Sebastien Greppo:

This show took place on Saturday, 3 February 2024 to a packed house. It was the premier of a new set for me on (of course), electric guitar, alto and C transversal flutes, and (get this!) I crooned for the final movement of the set to the pounding rhythms of electronic dance music in a tribute to my beloved vocal master, La Monte Young.

Here are some more pictures from the evening by Isabelle Forestier:

To book this set, don’t hesitate to contact us at either Tippex Agency or rhyschathamnewsà